Absentee bidding is available at Rainbow Auctions:

Before bidding, be sure to read the policies and procedures below.

Previous registered Rainbow Auctions absentee bidders in good standing can place absentee bids by completing the Absentee Bid form at the bottom of this page.

New bidders are first required to register using the form below, plus submit additional required information and documentation before participating.
Rainbow auctions will contact the new bidder upon receiving their registration application.

**You may also register to be an Online Bidder here by completing section "A" of this form and specifying the first auction you wish to participate in.

These additional documents can be submitted:

  • In Person
  • By Fax to 780-968-1002
  • Or by email attachment to


    Absentee Bidding
    Policies and Procedures

    By submitting a bid, the bidder acknowledges that he has read and understands the following terms and conditions, and tenders his bid subject to those terms and conditions:

    1. Bids are made in competition with other bidders bidding, on an alternating basis, in increments set by the auctioneer, as though the bidder is present at the auction. In the event that the bidder wishes to give the auctioneer permission to break a tied bid (the other bidder's final bid ties the maximum bid), he must indicate by checking the appropriate checkbox at the bottom of the form. In the event of a tie, this will authorize the auctioneer to increase the absentee bidder's bid by one increment. The bidder understands that the item bid on will be sold to the highest bidder.
    2. Until an item is sold, absentee bids are not disclosed to other bidders. Bidding will not commence with any absentee bid. An absentee bid is not considered the highest bid unless it has been reached by the alternating incremental basis set out in paragraph 1. After an item is sold, the auctioneer can disclose the amount of an absentee bid at the request of a bidder.
    3. It is the bidder's responsibility to arrange for the prior inspection of the item(s) bid on. Whether the item has been inspected or not, the absentee bidder agrees to accept it in its condition as is. All items are sold as is and are at the risk of the buyer once the auctioneer has declared them sold. The buyer is responsible for arranging delivery of the item purchased. The auctioneer makes no guarantee of the year, condition, description or suitability of any item sold. Descriptions are only a guide and in no way a guarantee of size, description, or year. It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the item(s) he or she is bidding on.
    4. Bidder acknowledges that the Absentee bid is accepted on the express condition that the bidder will not have any claim against the auctioneer or its employees if the auctioneer fails, for any reason, to bid on behalf of the bidder.
    5. Absentee bids must be submitted and received by Rainbow Auctions Ltd. before 11:00 pm one day prior to the auction date. Any bids that are submitted after this time may not be received.
    6. A successful absentee bidder will be notified within 24 hours of his successful purchase and agrees to pay the bid price by cash, certified cheque or wire transfer payable to Rainbow Auctions, and forwarded within 24 hours of receipt of the
      notice. Credit card payment is also accepted.
    7. Absentee bids will only be accepted for bids over $500.00.

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    Right on Hwy 16A, just west of Stony Plain, AB
    Or Intersection of Hwy 16A West and Range Road 11
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    PH: 780-968-1000
    Toll Free: 1-866-968-1001


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